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The Messiah Revealed in the Holy Scriptures - Hendrik Schipper

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People who regularly read my articles know that I'm very interested in texts in the Tenach that refer to (the first or second coming of) the Messiah. The Tanakh contains no less than 300 Messianic prophecies that have come true and been fulfilled in Yeshua.

A clear outline of all places in Scriptures that reveal the Messiah
Hendrik Schipper has worked on this book for over twelve years, listing all comparative texts from the Tanakh and New Testaments on the Messiah Yeshua. The book does not comment on the texts, but rather offers a clear outline of all places in the Scriptures in which the Messiah is revealed. The author's viewpoint is 'that the Scriptures explain themselves under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.'

The Scriptures are in themselves plain and clear. However, since our mind is clouded, we need the enlightening working of God's Spirit – and not human traditions. So there is no need for a Christian to focus on other sources of authority, thus becoming a prisoner of human views. No, the Scriptures are clear. God has revealed Himself in a clear and plain way in the Bible. The Scriptures explain themselves, as one Bible text sheds light on another. This is one of the most important hermeneutic principles. – And this is precisely what this book does: it places texts from the Tenach referring to the Messiah alongside related texts from the New Testament – thus explaining and elucidating them.

Listing more than 300 Messianic texts in the Tanakh and their related texts in the New Testament, the book clarifies what the Messiah Yeshua meant when He said in John 5:39: "You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me."

The author's key purpose is to demonstrate through the Tanakh that Yeshua is the promised Jewish Messiah.

That is the fascinating thing about it, and it is the reason that I cannot stop writing about this subject. Some of the Tanakh prophecies on the Messiah were uttered more than 1,000 years before Yeshua was born! By reading Hendrik Schipper's book, everybody can make an extensive study of the foretelling of the Messiah – from Genesis to Malachi – and discover that from Matthew on, the historic figure of Yeshua of Nazareth exactly corresponds with the Person of the Messiah described by the prophets. A divine miracle! Note: only in the Bible do we come across fulfilled prophecy. We cannot point to one example outside the Bible where a concrete prediction or prophecy was actually fulfilled.

Both portraits together form an absolute, indissoluble unity which makes us able to testify that what has been written in the Tanakh has been confirmed, unfolded and largely fulfilled in the New Testament. The Tanakh points ahead to the New Testament, which thus is a fulfilment of the Tanakh. Not everything has been fulfilled in the New Testament. Just think of prophecies about the Jews returning to Israel or about the Messiah's second coming.

The structure of the book
The book first deals with texts from Genesis, followed by texts from Exodus, and so up to the book of Malachi. Each key text from the Tanakh is printed in bold on a pale grey background. Above each key text you will find a topic, for example: 'The coming of the Messiah foretold' or 'The Messiah also for the Gentiles'. Below the text, you will find all relevant texts from both the Tanakh and the New Testament. In this way, the clear, pure light of the New Testament is shed on the Tanakh. All texts are taken from the King James Version. By using a certain coding, the texts are also classified according to a number of themes or topics:

These topics have been subdivided into subtopics. Furthermore, a separate column indicates which texts refer to the coming Messianic Kingdom. At the back of the book, you will find all references in the New Testament to the Old Testament, and there are quite a few of them. This once more emphasises the unity of the Bible; nowhere does the Bible contradict itself.


On this website you can download a free digital look-inside copy to become acquainted with this fantastic book that is an asset and meets a need. The Scriptures conclusively demonstrate that Yeshua is the Messiah. If we carefully study all Messianic prophecies, we will find that only Yeshua of Nazareth – and nobody else in history – can have fulfilled all these prophecies and foretellings. Neither is there anybody who could still fulfil them, as no living person can prove his descent from David, since Israel's genealogical registers were lost with the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D. And the Tanakh clearly foretold that the Messiah must be a son of David. This means the Messiah must have come before the year 70. This point in itself proves that orthodox and other Jews who believe that the Messiah is yet to come and who say His identity is yet unknown are off the mark. Read and discover.